Where in the world is Haifa?

Haifa is the third-largest city in Israel, behind Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. It’s located on a little peninsula on the northwest coast of Israel, an hour north of Tel Aviv. I’m at the University of Haifa, which is above the whole city up on Mt. Carmel. The whole campus overlooks the entire city and the Mediterranean. It is, in a word, breathtaking.

Next to the University is the Mt. Carmel National Park, which means it is very quiet up here on the mountain top. It’s an absolutely wonderful walk.

So for any of you who thinks “Israel!? That’s not safe!” let me assure you it is. I hear less news about Israel now that I live here than I did in the States. Haifa, a port city, is probably safer than any American city. And living in Israel is the definition of diversity. Arabs, Jews, Russians, Christians, men, women, gay people, everyone is just here, living their life, relatively peacefully! I have three Arab-Israeli (technically Druze) and two Jewish American roommates. And that is awesome.

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