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A Week at the Beach aka Spring Break Part 2

I have been remiss! It is already May 6. The month of April was a complete whirlwind. When last I blogged, I had just completed the first part of Spring Break. Since then, we’ve had Spring Break Part 2, a bout of strep throat, a trip to Switzerland, a very long weekend in Tel Aviv and a fantastic two-day trip to northern Israel for hiking and sight-seeing. For now, though, let’s pic up where I left off, heading to Petach Tikvah for Seder.

My friend Eva and I spent two nights with some of David’s extended family for a wonderful Seder. It was Eva’s first ever, and my first not with a hundred or more people. And it was delightful. What was really the most wonderful was being around a family full of warmth and tradition, with little kids to entertain with silly songs and an actual home, instead of a dorm room, hotel or hostel.

Post-Seder, we headed to Eilat (where we were that one night after the desert hike) where Eva and I met up with four more friends for a week in a “family room” at a hostel and lazy days of laying on the beach, sitting in coffee shops and wandering the boardwalk.

It was such a relaxing few days. The weather was hot and beautiful and it was a classic spring break experience (minus excessive amounts of any sort of beverage because we are on a budget). My favorite day was when we went snorkeling at a coral reserve. It was my first time snorkeling and it was awesome, but not so easy at first. Telling yourself that it’s OK to breathe under water and that you won’t choke takes some time. But as soon as you can relax and enjoy just how amazing it is, it is super. We saw the entire cast of “Finding Nemo” and many other types of coral and fish, including these really creepy but cool bright purple jellyfish. This is a picture of the beach where the snorkeling happened.

In Eilat, the group I was with also decided to get matching friendship bracelets as a cheap but memorableĀ souvenirĀ of the time in Eilat and in Israel in general.

So what is the message of the spring break of eternal relaxation and wandering? I love vacations as much as the next person, but I also really enjoy my productive time! But holy moly, there’s nothing quite as comfortable and napping in the sand.

Let’s let this post sit for a few hours, and we’ll pick up on the next big adventure.

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Cruise to Greece and Cyprus aka Spring Break Part 1

One week into our excessively long spring break and I’ve already had quite the adventure. Six friends and I boarded the Golden Iris, a smaller-sized cruise ship that leaves from right here in Haifa on Sunday afternoon and set sail across the Mediterranean. The most amusing part of the first day on the water? The lifeboat drill where we had to prove we knew how to put on our life vests. Now, water safety is very important and I don’t mean to be insensitive, but we four girls simply could not stop laughing while wearing these things….

On Monday, we went to Larnaca, Cyprus, a holiday town that mainly caters to foreigners. We had a great time wandering the palm tree promenade, chatting with locals and exploring a few of the sights. Most importantly, it was warm and sunny and just beautiful.

Tuesday brought us to Rhodes, Greece, just across the water from Turkey. The few hours I got to spend overlooking this beautiful city and island made me want to come back to the Greek Isles for many days at some point in my life. Just. Plain. Gorgeous. We climbed on ruins and took goofy pictures as college kids are apt to do.

We also stopped in a cafe/bar where I got some tremendous news about a summer internship. So, yes, it was a good good day. I also got to have a parrot on my shoulder. Random? Yes. But very cool.

On Wednesday, we cruised all day and this morning, we ended up back here in Haifa. On the boat, there was good food and good friends and some rather amusing entertainment (“budget” is a great way to describe the cruise) and overall, we had a wonderful wonderful time. It was my first cruise, and now I’d love to do more. There was something actually peaceful about being all alone out there, even if it did scare me just a little. I liked being rocked to sleep and I loved that I felt like I could go just about anywhere in the world at any time, simply because of the vastness of the ocean.

Rounds 2 of break begins tomorrow with a trip to Petach Tikvah, a town outside Tel Aviv, where some of David’s extended family has been so kind as to offer my friend Eva and I a place to go for Seder. So Chag Semeach (Happy Holiday) and check out Facebook for more cruising photos.

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