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Up to the Golan one more time

On Sunday, after our whirlwind Dead Sea/Masada/Ein Gedi tour, we had a day trip through the International School and the Contemporary Israel course. It was a day of outdoor lectures in the slightly chilly spring wind, looking at the borders with Lebanon and Syria and the locations of major battles in the last 60-odd years. The brown hill is Lebanon just beyond this Israeli town.

Then there’s Syria….

All those buildings there in the distance are the UN compound directly on the border between Syria and Israel.

After looking at all these battlesites and whatnot, we headed to the Golan Heights Winery. The climate conditions in northern Israel are actually ideal for growing all sorts of grapes, so vineyards all over the north send their grapes to this winery. The bottles are sold all over the world. We had a tour of the facility, then a tasting, and I got a few bottles for some lucky people back in the States.

It was a trip full of bus naps but I really appreciated getting to see northern Israel (my favorite part) one more time.

Check back next week for a report on my trip to the West Bank this weekend! Thanks for reading.

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