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Cultural Sundays

With the cancellation of our weekend hike, my friends and I decided to do something cultural here in Haifa on Sunday: head down the mountain the the Haifa City Museum. An hour and a half and two bus rides later, we find out the museum is closed because of a changing exhibit. So what are a group of Americans who paid 6.6 shekels to do in the beautiful German colony of Haifa? Go to a restaurant, of course! We went to Fatoush, a really cool Arabic place where we loaded up on cider, tea, lamb, cheese, vegetables and hummus for a pretty low price (around 12 dollars apiece). It was eclectic and authentic and I would definitely go back. That was our cultural Sunday. This however, is a picture from Saturday night, when we went to an Irish restaurant for a delicious Israeli salad.

There’s a whole list of foods I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to eat in the States now that I’ve had them here. A quick list…

  • Hummus. I eat it every day on everything. There are whole sections in grocery stores here devoted to the delicious stuff.
  • Feta cheese. Often called Bulgarian cheese here, it is sweet and salty and creamy and good on pretty much everything.
  • Produce! It’s Farmers Market fresh all the time because most of it is grown here in Israel. I can eat pints of fresh strawberries, apples, peppers and more without ever wanting anything else. It’s also far less expensive here than back home.
  • Pita. Again, I eat it every day. Even in the mini-market here on campus, it’s baked fresh and only stays good for a few days. Oh darn, guess it has to be consumed!

That’s all for now, but be sure to check back in a few days to hear all about the Purim festivities that will take place over the next few days!

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My first post!

For all my talk about being a writer, it sure did take me a while to start a blog recapping my big adventure abroad. But here it is! And here, in this post, I’ll recap the last eight days in Israel…

Sunday, February 19- Monday, February 20

After a very long flight from Newark to Tel Aviv (thankfully it was direct), my friend Emily and I arrived around 9 a.m. and joined up with James, another student in our program here at the International School of the University of Haifa. We took a shuttle (sherut) up the coast to the school, checked in, settled into our room (Emily and I are roomies) and by 1 in the afternoon (4 a.m. East Coast time), I was barely coherent. We took a nap, then wandered around, then met up with the rest of the International School kids, where we continued getting oriented for the next day, including a tour of Haifa, a tour of the campus and lots of “getting to know you” stuff.

Tuesday, February 21 – Wednesday, February 22

Classes started. I got placed in Hebrew 2! Hooray! Adventures also ensued to the mall (Israelis love malls). Etc, etc, etc….

Thursday, February 21

I turned 21!!!! It was my birthday and my wonderful new friends helped me celebrate. We went to an Asian restaurant, then an Irish pub then a dance club. It was really really great. I made sure I knew how to say “Hayom yom hooledet shelee!” That means “Today is my birthday.”

Friday, February 24 – Saturday, February 25

Friday and Saturday can be pretty lazy around here since it’s the Israeli weekend and everything really shuts down from Friday afternoon until Saturday afternoon for Shabbat. There was a trip to the grocery store and back to the mall on Saturday night, but that’s really all. It was very relaxing.

Sunday, February 26

On the first of many study tours run by the program, we went to Jerusalem! It was a very long but very informative day and it just made us all want to go back and learn more. The streets we were walking on have been there for literally hundreds and hundreds of years. That’s something you just can’t get in the States. This is a picture of the Western Wall. There are millions of hopes, wishes and prayers shoved in the cracks between the giant stones from people of every walk of life. Even if you don’t believe in a higher being, you can still believe in the power of that much faith crammed into one tiny space. It makes you feel so small.

Monday, February 27 and Today!

With a full week under our belts now, Week Two of classes has begun. It’s much less stressful here than in the States, and I have lots of free time. I’m also well-rested, which is quite a feat. I’ll post again later this week before a trip this weekend to the desert to hike and the resort town of Eilat. Until then…

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