Student Day, Rosh Ha Nikra, a Prom and Zikhron Ya’akov

What do these four phrases have in common? They all occurred during the past week of this crazy journey we call study abroad. It’s a lot, so I’ll keep it brief. As always, check Facebook for more photos!

Thursday,  May 10: The University of Haifa hosts their annual “Student Day,” a giant free outdoor concert with some of Israel’s most popular artists.

It was a lot of fun, a little crazy, and after about two hours of some Hebrew hits, I was really happy to have spent a night with friends having a good time.

Sunday, May 13: Two friends and I went to Rosh HaNikra, a rock formation on the furthest point north on the coast, right by the Lebanon border.

There are beautiful white cliffs and grottos that are partially underwater that look more pristine than the most perfect swimming pool on the planet. There’s the steepest cable car in the world to get down there and the remnants of railway tunnels that were bombed by the Israelis during the War of Independence to stop supplies from reaching the enemy.  It was beautiful and a really interesting place of history and natural beauty.

Tuesday, May 15: The International School hosted a prom for us! It was absolutely hilarious and so much fun.

There was a DJ and lights and cheesy photos and corsages and a king and queen and everything. There was also a giant slideshow of  cheesy “romantic” pictures interspersed with pictures of ourselves at our high school proms. It was the best International School activity (not trip) all semester.

Wednesday, May 16: Our little trio went to Zikhron Ya’akov for the afternoon.

It’s the town that was originally one of the first agricultural settlements established in the late 1800’s and now it’s an adorable area with a great view, filled with tree-lined boulevards with boutiques and restaurants and was yet again, a great way to spend a day exploring a new area.

So a full week. This weekend includes a trip to the Dead Sea and Ein Gedi, so stay tuned!

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