To Ramon Crater for the Weekend

Around here, class seems to be like that thing we have to take care of in between adventures to various other parts of the country and this weekend is no different. I am posting this at 4 a.m. Israel time, where I am wide awake (ish) and about to board a bus to head south to the Ramon Crater for a two-day hike! Tomorrow night, after spending tonight in Bedouin tents, our group will head to Eilat where we will spend the night there and then have the option of doing another hike on Sunday or sitting on the beach instead (Eilat is a resort town on the Red Sea.) My knee and sickness level will determine my course of action but right now I’m feeling alright so hopefully all will be well.

It’s my first real hike and I’m as excited as a person can be about anything at 4 a.m. It should be a good time.

On a side note, shout out to all my Elon friends headed out on spring break adventures today. Hope you all have a safe, relaxing, fun time. I know how badly spring break can be needed.

So long civilization! See you in a few days.

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