Cultural Sundays

With the cancellation of our weekend hike, my friends and I decided to do something cultural here in Haifa on Sunday: head down the mountain the the Haifa City Museum. An hour and a half and two bus rides later, we find out the museum is closed because of a changing exhibit. So what are a group of Americans who paid 6.6 shekels to do in the beautiful German colony of Haifa? Go to a restaurant, of course! We went to Fatoush, a really cool Arabic place where we loaded up on cider, tea, lamb, cheese, vegetables and hummus for a pretty low price (around 12 dollars apiece). It was eclectic and authentic and I would definitely go back. That was our cultural Sunday. This however, is a picture from Saturday night, when we went to an Irish restaurant for a delicious Israeli salad.

There’s a whole list of foods I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to eat in the States now that I’ve had them here. A quick list…

  • Hummus. I eat it every day on everything. There are whole sections in grocery stores here devoted to the delicious stuff.
  • Feta cheese. Often called Bulgarian cheese here, it is sweet and salty and creamy and good on pretty much everything.
  • Produce! It’s Farmers Market fresh all the time because most of it is grown here in Israel. I can eat pints of fresh strawberries, apples, peppers and more without ever wanting anything else. It’s also far less expensive here than back home.
  • Pita. Again, I eat it every day. Even in the mini-market here on campus, it’s baked fresh and only stays good for a few days. Oh darn, guess it has to be consumed!

That’s all for now, but be sure to check back in a few days to hear all about the Purim festivities that will take place over the next few days!

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